Sunday, February 23, 2020
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About Us

After much prayer and waiting on the Lord to reveal his will . A small group of believers  started meeting in the home of Minister Curtis Carr. The lord had given Minister Carr a vision to form a new church in the Cedar Park,Texas area. Although small in number, God gave  believers faith enough to back up the vision. God lead us to do things we thought was too big for us to handle. After several months of meetings on February16, 2006, Sis. Doris Carr, Sis Jacquie Matthews­ Mackey and Minister Carr signed a lease agreement approving use of the Hill Country  Nazarene Church facility at 1750 Bagdad Rd., Cedar Park, TX. The space approximately 600 square feet was on the upper level of the main sanctuary. Pastor Roger Wilson and  Lt. Patrick Wierzba was instrumental In helping us to secure space at Hill Country  Nazarene Church.
March  01, 2006  - all worship and prayer meetings were held at the new Bagdad location. Morning services were held at 7:00 am to 9:30 am. God was faithful to give us members willing to establish an early morning service.
July 06, 2006 - Minister Carr was ordained to the office  by Pastor Kennedy Young Sr. of Olivet Baptist Church. The Ordination Council consist of: Pastor Ted Bosworth, Pastor Michael Harvey, Pastor James Hernandez, Pastor A J Quinton, Pastor Colby Shorter III, and Pastor David Smith.
October 8, 2006 – Bridgeway's first public service was held on this Sunday. Pastor Curtis Carr Sr. founder and Senior Pastor of the Bridgeway Church preached the first sermon.
December 2006 - Bridgeway was sponsored  by Dr. Gary Patterson and the Berean Bible Fellowship Church of San Antonio,TX. Co-sponsor was Dr. Joseph Parker and the David Chapel Church of Austin,TX.
February 2007 - Pastor  Carr and Minister Larry Woods baptized nine new Bridgeway converts.
April 2007 - Bridgeway's leadership team attended a three day church conference in Armarrillo, Texas.
July 2007 - The Bridgeway Church Family leased a conference room at the newly built Hampton Hotel on Pecan Park Blvd.This was the beginning of our 11:00 am Worship service hour and the beginning of new growth as the Lord grew us in faith and in number.
July 2007  - Bridgeway organized  a community  gathering to celebrate the evangelizing of over 900 homes • More than a hundred  residents joined  Bridgeway for "A day inthe Park". 
August  2007  - Bridgeway 'Back to School" ministry  provided school supplies and backpacks for 300 plus students  going back to school.
April  2008  - Bridgeway sponsored  the first annual "PLANTERS FELLOWSHIP" ventures.

November 2009 - Bridgeway sponsored "Entreprenuers for Christ" to give Special recognition to members starting -up new Business ventures. 

Charter Members of Bridgeway Christian Koinonia Church:

Bro Elbert  and Sis.Jacquie Matthews-Mackey, Sis.Vivian Kirkbride, Minister Larry Woods, Deacon Issac and Janice Auld Family, Bro. Larry Kyles, Sis. Angela Molden, Sis. B J Luckett  Family, Minister Joyce Felix and Family, Sis.Charlyn Hudson, Sis. Crystal Luckett, Bro. Terrance Johnson, Sis. Beatrice Stewart, Bro/Sis. Harry and Carol DePina Family
Holy Spirit has used the members of Bridgeway Christian Koinonia Church  to be a great servant  for the Lord. Just to name a few of the ministry events that has impacted  the community  and transformed lives are as follows:
Special contributions were made by Bro. Michael and Sis. Tracy Simms of Praise Video Production Company.